The Ashokan Way ~ July 14

A Benefit Honoring Woodstock Land Conservancy’s 30th Anniversary
Woodstock’s Landscape: Its Effect on the Soul, and on Writing, Painting, and Music
With Gail Straub, Kate McGloughlin, and Steve Gorn  

3:00-5:00 pm
In a private home with a stupendous Ashokan View
Tickets are $100/person.  Limited Availability.

What is it about this mountain valley that magnetizes writers, painters, musicians, philosophers, and mavericks of every stripe?  Why is it that the enchantment of this place is still so strong long after John Burroughs wrote about it and Thomas Cole and Frederick Church memorialized it through the Hudson River Valley School of Painting?Why are musicians of all kinds living in every nook and cranny of this valley?

Writer Gail Straub, artist Kate McGloughlin, and musician Steve Gorn share how they have fallen under the spell of this place and how it has affected their craft.  Together they reflect on how their connection to this land is so many different things—muse, strength, prayer, and humanity. They contemplate how this ongoing exchange between the landscape and the artists who honor it through their chosen form sustains not just individual artists’ souls, but the very soul of this valley.

Steve will play stirring ragas that honor the land, Gail will read from her new book The Ashokan Way: Landscape’s Path into Consciousness, and Kate will discuss painting this landscape and her journey in creating the multimedia exhibition Requiem For the Ashokan: The Story Told in Landscape.

Join us for what promises to be a thought provoking and radically hopeful conversation in honor of protecting this land we all love.

Ashokan Way

Tickets to the Ashokan Way benefit for the Woodstock Land Conservancy on July 14th, from 3:00 to 5:00 PM. Upon ticket purchase, directions to the event location in Glenford will be sent.